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Some Ancient And Modern Day Facts On Breast Lift

Plastic surgery is a method used for correction of multiple flaws that a person finds in his or her body. The purpose of plastic surgery is to ensure that there is no visible flaw in your body. With Advancements in technology, we have come up some very brilliant measures to fix certain issues that people face with their bodies and breast lift.

A very normal and much popular type of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is breast lift which is often performed by some very renowned cosmetic surgeons.

Here are some facts about the breast lift and other plastic surgeries.

breast augmentation

1. Breast augmentation

Talking about only the United States, Breast augmentation is the most popular type of breast surgery that is performed in the states. Although, the statistics for many other such procedures are fairly high but breast augmentation tops the list.

2. Plastic Surgery is much older than you think

According to the records that are found in textual form, the process of plastic surgery can be traced back to 2500 to 3300 BC. The date is mentioned on medical text which is named Edwin Smith Papyrus which can be even more older.

3. Ancient Egypts performed plastic surgery on the dead

Ancient egyptians used the method of plastic surgery for the purpose of treating soldiers. For practical purposes, they used the dead bodies to try and perform the processes. They used the reconstructive therapy to treat soldiers injured after the battle.

4. Breast Lift is much different than breast augmentation

A lot of people confuse breast augmentation with breast lift whereas both of them are very different from each other. Breast augmentation is the process makes your breast look rounder and fuller. Whereas breast lift is helpful for upliftment of breast that is saggy in appearance.

5. First silicone breast implants

The very first silicone breast implants were sometime in the decade of the 1960s. Breast implants isn’t as latest as you assume them to be.

6. Body contouring

Body contouring is the process which is used to enhance different parts of the body using different processes. It is primarily used for enhancing the shapes of different body parts. Body lifts, butt augmentation, liposuction and various other methods like tummy tucks comprise of the process of body contouring.

7. Plastic Surgery came into picture during World wars

During both of the world wars 1 and 2, the processes of plastic surgery was much in practise. The soldiers that use to get injured while fighting the battle were treated using this method which is a common practise in today’s time.

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