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Vital Signs you have Anxiety Disorder you Should not Ignore

From serious family tension to job searching stress, anxiety nowadays has become a normal part of everyone’s lives. Dealing with this serious disorder is not just a piece of cake. Anxiety generally results as a negative reaction to stressful life. But did you know that this disorder can also become a more concerned cause and less of a casual feeling? If anxiety has already become constant thing in your life and impacts you mentally , it is the right time you should visit your doctor and have a chat with him. 

So, if you notice any of the mentioned signs, you might be suffering from this serious disorder.

Here is a list of some vital signs of anxiety disorder  you should not ignore.

  • Panic Attacks

This is one of the most common and serious sign of anxiety disorder. Panic attacks are usually when someone suddenly feel helpless or too frighten and this unusual feeling could last for a few minutes. The person with Panic attacks may also experience numb hands, breathing problems, chest and tummy pain, feeling too cold or too hot, pounding heart or weakness. If anyone have had this serious attack more often recently, he/she should get it checked by a doctor to see if he/she have anxiety disorder.

  •  Sleeping Disorders

When a person is suffering from anxiety disorder, he/she definitely have trouble in sleeping. Some people are not even able to sleep at all in night. People suffering from this disorder spend their whole night thinking and worrying about unimportant things. It is normal to have sleepless nights before a grand event or presentation but constant sleepless nights, could be a serious sign of  a person have an anxiety disorder. 

  • Excessive Tension and Worrying

Another common symptom of anxiety disorder is Excessive Tension and Worrying. Being little tensed and worried is a normal part of everyone’s life. There is  a big difference between anxiety influenced worries and normal tension. If someone have this anxiety disorder, their worries and tension remain for many days together, in some cases for even months. Anxiety is sometimes so bad that it can mess with daily routines and people feel tired.

  •  Doubting own Abilities

Self doubting is another common symptom of anxiety disorder. This problem often travel around daily feelings and thinkings. If a person is suffering from anxiety, will always have doubts about his/her looks, relationship, behavior and sexuality too. 

  •    Indigestion Problem

Anxiety disorder first start in the mind of a person, but it comes out itself in the body of a person through physical signs like constant indigestion problems. IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a serious condition which is characterized by gas, diarrhea, stomach ache, bloating etc. 

  •  Irrational Phobia or Fear

 Irrational Phobia or fear also falls into the  most common category of anxiety, and according to psychologists, people with this fear feel more than uncomfortable in any situation. Specific events, objects or even places will bring out unusual powerful disproportional reactions of irrational phobia or fear. Someone reacting weird in specific situations, could be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

If you have noticed any of the above mentioned signs, then there is a chance you must have an anxiety disorder. But before concluding anything, it is good to visit an expert and get yourself examined.

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